Windscribe VPN

First of all, I’ve never been a big fan of encryption and VPN usage in the past.

As a reminder, a VPN is a program that is used to hide his IP address on the Internet protecting his identity by making himself invisible from any view.

I had heard about it like everyone else but I never really saw the relevance of using one.

Recently, I received a letter from my ISP informing me that a download of protected copy content had been downloaded.

That was for me the beginning of my desire to make myself anonymous on the internet. To be able to navigate freely without worrying about navigation history left to my internet provider or government agencies. So I went looking for the best VPN service.

Windscribe seemed to stand out from others because that name came up often, so I decided to try it for free. You are entitled to 10GB of data per month for free, and you can even increase this number to 15GB without much difficulty.

This VPN is easy to use, you can install it as an extension for your favorite browser or download the application on windows, mac, android or iOS.

Windscribe does not keep logs of its users and can use its services on more than 400 servers worldwide.

It has gained a lot of popularity recently, and given its ridiculous price of $ 2 per month for unlimited bandwidth, I can only advise you!

Otherwise, the 10 GB of free data per month is enough for the majority of users.

Nobody will ever know what you are doing or watching on the internet.

Windscribe VPN